Babyface Post Peel Exfoliation Healing Nutrient Cream & Mask

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aloe vera, coconut oil, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate


Babyface’s Post Peel Mask and Healing Nutrient Cream makes an excellent product addition to any chemical peel or exfoliating regimen.

- Soothes delicate new skin after chemical peels & scrubs

- Assists healing to ensure best results from your exfoliation

- Promotes maximum collagen production in new skin

Exfoliating skin is in the three top skin care practices for younger, healthier and more resilient skin. But exfoliated skin is also vulnerable skin. Exfoliated skin is mid process in healing and re-growing itself. It is more sensitive than at any other time. Pampering post exfoliated skin is essential for ongoing skin repair and health and beauty. Using the appropriate post exfoliating product line is key. Exacerbating the vulnerable condition of exfoliated skin can mean a decrease in collagen production, an increase in post exfoliation inflammation, and less than excellent results overall.

Babyface’s Healing Nutrient Cream is a wonderful, healing, gentle, and ph balanced cream for your vulnerable skin. This formula is geared towards excellent post exfoliation healing. Calming and soothing active ingredients address dermal repair, boost collagen restoration, and reduce capillary stress and redness. Healing Nutrient Cream provides necessary nutrients for the skin to successfully rebuild itself.