Bye-Bye Acne! Babyface SKIN FIX Full Spectrum Repair Toner

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Materials: Niacinamide, Peptides, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Sulfur, Vitamin C

Have acne & wrinkles all at once? Which one do you treat, which one do you neglect?

You no longer have to choose between controlling your acne breakouts, and using your anti-aging products. Babyface is happy to say that we can now help you do both at the same time!

With an A-List of ingredients on hand, you can’t go wrong with Babyface’s Skin Fix line. Works fast to control breakouts, while infusing skin with a potent arsenal of anti-aging ingredients. You’ll WANT to have this on hand, trust me!

- Potent All-Trans Retinol Resurfaces Dull Skin, Corrects Skin Tone & Reduces Scars

- Vitamin C Boosts Collagen to Fill Wrinkles & Correct Sun Damage

- Salicylic Acid Clears Pores, Reduces Acne & Blackheads

- NON-IRRITATING formula, Perfect For All Skin Types

- Restores Elasticity, Healthy Glow, Clears & Helps Prevent Breakouts