Mini Yayoi Kusama- espresso mug
Mini Yayoi Kusama- espresso mug

Mini Yayoi Kusama- espresso mug

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Our favorite artist and Illustration so far, the legendary Yayoi Kusama and her inseparable red dots
Limited prints only.

This is a littl mini super cute espresso mug.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Holds 3oz of your fav drink (including tequila shots!)
Design is waterproof, cool, high quality and permanent.
You have something that didn’t come from a big company, there are only a few of them,
this item is as unique as you are.

Design and production of each print takes place in our little studio In Pasadena, CA
We ensure quality and keep each piece in short runs.

Since each design is created in house, we are able to add more fun to the shop regularly, please check for the last updates.

If you need a custom design for a special ocassion, a special gift or want a quote for a specific quantity, please contact shop owner at 818-915-5473 or send us an etsy message,

We'll be happy to help!!!

This is original artwork drawn by Trece Cielos Design © Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.